Me and Suzi go for a ride, finally

At long last I got some action going out in the shed.  On Saturday morning my “mate” came and repacked his gear which at least let me start to unpack all our stuff. And finally I got to empty out the back of the truck. The threat of putting everything of his out onto the lawn did the trick – still no sign of any rent but !

Suzi finally agrees to a Sunday drive with Heno and me

As Sunday was such a nice day I got to thinking about a Sunday drive. The best offer I got was from Suzi. So up into the back of the truck she went, I tied her up and then we went for our first drive together – Heno, Suzi and me. Suzi just sat there and behaved herself – Heno didn’t seem any different in the handling or grunt departments.

Suzi finally goes all the way (into the truck)

Suzi finally goes all the way (into the truck)

So this week was mainly spent on the tools. Suzi got some driving lights, some decent halogen headlights and a horn that you can actually hear. I’ve pulled the dash apart in Heno in readiness for his major wiring work.

Oh, and I finally found the cause of the water leak into Suzi. A mouse has chewed its way through the rubber hose that drains water from the air chamber at the top of the dash. This problem was probably there when I bought Suzi, as we haven’t had her in the rain until a week or so ago. Apologies to my windscreen man – his work was spot on, as always. Just to be sure I’ve put baits in and around Suzi and Heno and also throughout the shed. We have vacant land all around us as we are now living on the edge of town. Last weekend there was a mob of kangaroos in the paddock behind the shed.

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