Fiji trip for our 30th Anniversary

Rod’s Visit

Late February Rod flew into Rockhampton for his first trip to Emerald. I was working but he dropped me at work each day so he could be shown around town by his Mum. We took him back to Rocky on the Saturday and stayed the night. We picked up the sweetest pineapples I have ever tasted from a roadside stall when we went out to the coast for a drive on Sunday morning and paid just 60c for each one. 

Our 30th Anniversary

I find it hard to accept that on March 14th 2011 we had been married for 30 years. I’m just not sure were those 30 years have gone. Doesn’t seem that long ago that we were married in Trafalgar, Vic with our reception in the Thorpdale Hall. Who can forget that the rings got left at Thorpy so a short delay was engineered to retrieve them in record time – thanks Cookie.

We decided to take another trip to Fiji to celebrate. So back in late November a plan was put into place. I calculated that I would have 8 days leave accrued so booked the flights and accommodation.

Outrigger on the Lagoon on Fiji’s coral coast

We had a great time – lots of fine dining, a few celebratory drinks, a bit of swimming, a massage and not much else. The weather was similar to Emerald at this time of the year – very humid, with occasional rain but warm.

The view from our balcony at Outrigger on the Lagoon Fiji

Spa pool with poolside bar behind

Jan dreading yet another photo - the pool area with our room half way up the hill and the spa at the top

We find Fijians to be one of the friendliest nations. They excelled on the day of our anniversary. They turned up at our room with celebratory drinks and with a choir that sung their Happy Anniversary song. We got the choir again as we were finishing our tea in the restaurant. They also decorated our room while we were having tea. This all made for a memorable 30th anniversary.

Fijian choir who sung their version of "Happy Anniversary" - in our room and also after tea in the restaurant

Jan admiring the orchid flowers on our bed after we came back from tea

Fijian choir at work - happy birthday, happy anniversary and a farewell song were done for each set of guests as required.


Bebe day Spa and Kalokalo bar

Right at the highest point of the Resort is the Spa and a bar. Not sure why they don’t trumpet the bar – it seems to be kept low key. The Kalokalo bar was the highlight of our trip. The views from there are spectacular. The drinks flowed freely and the oyster platters went down well. Just ask Jan how many Golden Dream cocktails it took to give her a decent hangover.

A flower (or new gnome) in the garden at the spa at the top of the ridge behind the resort

Kalokalo bar up above the Spa - a magnicent spot to enjoy a cocktail and oysters and take in the spectacular view

Just before the first of many Golden Dream cocktails

View of coastline north towards Suva from Kalokalo bar

View of coastline south towards Nadi from Kalokalo bar


As with all holidays, the time flew and now we are back in Emerald with work back on the agenda. Its done nothing but rain since we got back and the humidity is 90%+. Hopefully this years extreme wet season will come to an end real soon.

We have had a bit of fun in our first 30 years and we both have dreams for many more.

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  1. Mary Richardson Said,

    July 22, 2011 @ 7:23 pm

    Remember me! I have just sat and read all your wonderful day to day events, life sounds really good, you both look well and very happy. You certainly get about, and obviously enjoy every minute of your lives. Jan, you look really well, this sort of life must agree with you. All is pretty much the same here, the death of my darling horse, 2 dogs, all cherished, loved and buried on the property, think of them all the time, gave them all the best possible care and love they could want.
    I am still working at Mogo, about 30 hours a week, that is all I really want, and even those hours sometimes are too many, too many things to do on the property and work interferes with my social life.
    Peter’s overall health is good, but his hearing has got worse, he has memory loss (unable to remember even the dogs and horses names) and has near black outs. It is so sad to see this once fit and bright man reduced to a hunched skeleton of a person who has so many day to day hurdles – eating is the real problem. Sorry to go on but I thought you would like to know.
    Cheers for now and it is a real joy to read your blog


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