Wet Suzi on the up

Twas a tad cold in Moruya this morning – our coldest day so far this year – so I stayed inside and finished the wiring diagram for all the work to be done on the truck.

Now that the frost has cleared we have a nice day, so I thought I might have a play with the loading ramps and give Suzi a run as I haven’t been near her since the windscreen was put back in. Surprise, surprise – the drivers side was full of water. The bloke who took the windscreen out and then put it back in after Greg fixed the rust in the surrounds is coming back tomorrow to hopefully fix that.

As the photo below shows,the ramps do the job and Suzi climbs up there easily. Now just got to sort all  the junk in the back of the truck and start the wiring job.

Suzi's first run up the ramps

Suzi's first run up the ramps

Unfortunately we are off to Melbourne in the morning to attend a funeral and I will take advantage of being down there and call in on my mate to get all the gear needed to do the wiring jobs. The bonus is that mates-rates save 40 to 50%.

Hopefully we will be able to get into our garage when we get back. It is currently full to overflowing. Our garage stuff is stacked to the roof in one quarter – the rest is becoming a pain. I did a favour for a mate and let him store his furniture in there but after 6 weeks of nothing happening I have had to get him to find somewhere else. I need to sort through all our stuff to work out what goes with us and what has to be sold.

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