New Beginnings

New Directions

As expected, there is good news on the job front. I say as expected, because there has been many jobs that suited David, it was just a matter of deciding what was best for us. The only delay was that many businesses in this area shut down for 2 or 3 weeks over Christmas.

After an interview on their first day back (Jan 5th) it was suggested that David shadow the boss for the rest of the week, which he did. After a bit of negotiation over the wage (try doing that on the south coast of NSW) we agreed first thing on Monday 12th, shook hands and as they say, the rest is history. Even got paid for the week before, which I thought was just a getting to know one another exercise.

David is now working full-time for a local telecommunications contractor Blue iQ ( He is heading up their telephones section and busily learning all about LG PABXs. About half the work is in the mines within a 200km radius of Emerald and the other half is in shops, businesses and contractors in the same area. For the first time in 17 years I’m about to enjoy a paid public holiday.

Jan’s doing a bit too

Jan has started doing volunteer work at the local Vinnies, just a short walk from the caravan park. She is also locked into a couple of classes of aqua aerobics each week at the town pool which is conveniently right next door to the caravan park.

David goes for an early walk at least 4 times each week and Jan sometimes tags along – I walk too fast she says. On the other side of the ledger is a Cascade Light or three after work – I reckon I’ve earned 1 or 2 (or 3), especially on the hot days!

Home base – Emerald, for a year or so

So, Emerald will be our base for the foreseeable future. At least a year, maybe longer. We will still be wandering around on long weekends, holidays, etc.  Just don’t expect updates on this blog as often as they have been till now.

Congratulations Kellie and Nick

If our information source is to be trusted (if you can’t trust you own son, who can you trust), our congratulations go to Kellie and Nick. Our 6th great niece or nephew is due later in the year. Can’t wait till Christmas to see you all – Jan has already got the knitting needles out, so watch out. Great news!


  1. diane Said,

    February 1, 2009 @ 12:30 pm

    yeh i never got to negotiate on the south coast either you must have had the same boss as me love di

  2. Mary Richardson Said,

    March 16, 2009 @ 8:23 pm

    All sounds good. All here O K, plenty of rain, not cool yet, still very summery. Still working at Mogo, good job. All four legged creatures fine, Georgia’s arthritis about the same, curly is getting a hair cut next week. I bought a couple of nice pieces of furniture, one an old style china cabinet, the other an English Oak desk ( over 100 years old)good value from store at Mogo.

    A friend and I are planning a holiday in June, thinking about Whitsundays, Norfolk Island or Lord Howe Island – need to do some searching to see what is available. Having a glass of chardonnay as I write this, might go for another.

    Love to you both.


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