Busting out of NSW (will the last one out please turn off the lights)


We spent five nights in Moree. Had a bit of office work to catch up on. The internet access thingie worked fine so I got to update this blog. Also had a bit of government crap to sort out, but we got that done in the end. For the technophiles, I love the blue-tooth mouse, so much easier to use than the laptop touchpad and it frees up a USB port.

David's Moree office

And, thanks to Yvonne & Geoff Greneger’s suggestion we tried the hot artesian baths. They seemed to soak away some of my lingering aches and pains, so I am now a fan. Jan even got to go in her new boardshorts and rashie – getting a photo will be almost impossible, but I’ll try.

In windy spots, where there is plenty of room, the truck becomes a great help in blocking the prevailing winds, so as in the next photo, a trend in the site photos is developing.

Our site Moree Mehi River Caravan Park

Our site Moree Mehi River Caravan Park

Across the border

After a bit of prepacking the night before ie. putting Suzi into the truck and packing up the awning and stuff under it, we hit the road north. Managed to get away just before 9am. Northwest to Mungindi, the only town in the southern hemisphere that is dissected by a state border. (Good trivia question there). South of the rickety bridge there is a NSW Police Station and just over the bridge there is a Qld Police Station. We headed to St George, refueled the truck and had what turned out to be an early lunch (no daylight saving in Qld).

Fuel Economy

This was our first refuel since leaving Canberra. It was nice to see diesel at $1.31 as in Moree it was still $1.49. We got just on 3.3km/L . Truck on its own has averaged about 4.3 in recent years. Caravan will be close to 4t and the truck is probably somewhere between 7 and 8t with the back full of our gear. I might get into the habit of emptying our water tank, thereby saving 820kg, if we are going to continue to stay in caravan parks with good water supplies.

A big day out (on the road)

With an extra hour on our hands and a cool airconned cab to travel in (St George was expecting 38c), we decided to press on and try to break the back of the 836km trip from Moree to our next destination of Emerald. We travelled up through Roma and Injune and got as far as Rolleston before calling it quits for the day at about 5pm local time. Our Queensland welcome committee was soon greeting us – see next 2 photos.

We must be in Qld - green frog, Rolleston caravan park

We must be in Qld - green frog, Rolleston caravan park

Yes, we have hit cane toad country

Yes, we have hit cane toad country

Cane toads sure are ugly critters close up. Just on dusk they come crawling out from under just about any cool dark place. We have a few living under the slab beside our van here in Emerald.

Emerald on a hot Wednesday,  3 Dec 08

We had just a 140km run from Rolleston into Emerald via Springsure. Luckily we were able to get a long-term site in the Emerald Cabin & Caravan Village, less than 1km to the centre of town. The park is almost full and the shady sites are at a premium. We set up the van then went for a wander down town and I started checking out the jobs situation. There are a few prospects I am following up.

Emerald has certainly laid on a warm welcome – 37, 38, 38, 39 with 40 today. The van aircon has been going flat-out since we arrived, I have bought 2 silver tarps and have mounted them on the awning shademesh wall to try to deflect some of the scorching afternoon heat and I have bought a gazebo to provide some shade for Suzi.

Hot Emerald (40c when photo taken), Suzi now has her own carport

Hot Emerald (40c when photo taken), Suzi now has her own carport

We had tea at the local Bowlo on Friday night. Couldn’t believe it is not airconditioned – meal was OK but it was too sweaty to stay for the raffles so we went on to the Golfie. Whilst I think it is airconned, it was just as sweaty as the Bowlo so after one drink we headed back to the cool of our van. All readers back in Moruya should treasure the Cubs there, the equivalent 2 here in Emerald aren’t in the same league. I understand the Emerald Bowlo has just reopened after a fire but it sure seems to need a shake up. Their AGM was today and I stayed right away……..

From what we have seen so far we both like the town – there is another Club for us to try. We are going to stay here for a few weeks to fully check out the job situation.       Now where is that cool drink?


  1. diane Said,

    December 7, 2008 @ 7:58 pm

    you will turn into an alcoholic like me

  2. michael skuse Said,

    December 11, 2008 @ 5:38 pm

    good luck to you guys look forward to your next update merry christmas from abbey,laney and michael

  3. Mary Said,

    December 23, 2008 @ 4:27 pm

    We want a photo of Jan in board shorts!

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